Each year, the CMP recognize superior accomplishments of CIM members in the field of Mineral Processing at its Annual Banquet. Five (5) distinct and prestigious awards can be granted to exceptional individuals who are nominated by their peers of the industry.

1. Mineral Processor of the Year
2. A.R. MacPherson – Comminution Award
3. Bill Moore – Special Achievement Award
4. Lifetime Achievement Award
5. Ray MacDonald Volunteer Award

Every CIM/CMP member is allowed to propose nominations. More than one nomination can be made by the same individual but no one can nominate himself/herself. Each nomination must be endorsed, through support letters, by at least five (5) CIM/CMP members.

The nomination process is simple.

1. Get a copy of the Nomination Form, and further info from the CMP website
2. Fill out the form by hand or electronically
3. Submit form with five support letters to Past Chairman (Scott Martin) and Secretary (Rory Cameron)
The deadline to submit nominations is November 15, 2017.


The Award Selection Committee is chaired by the current CMP Past-Chairman who names six other committee members from the CMP Board of Directors. Directors who nominate and/or endorse a candidate for a CMP Award are excluded from the award selection process. All awards are presented at the Banquet of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mineral Processors held in January of each year.

CMP Award Winners for 2016

Mineral Processor of the Year – Kevin Gannon
Bill Moore Special Achievement – Dominique Girard
Art Macpherson Comminution – not awarded
Ray Macdonald Volunteer Award – Ken Roberts
Lifetime Achievement Award – Larry Urbanoski

CMP/CIM Distinctions for 2016

Past Chair – Paul Blatter
Best Presentation – David Hall
Student Technical Report Award – Éric Bernabé Nzokem Jeuatsa
André Laplante Memorial Scholarship – David Georges-Filteau
Byron Knelson Memorial Scholarship – Jonathan Ladyman
CIM Fellowship – Peter Edmonds; Daniel M. Gagnon; Louis Gignac, Robert Henderson; George Kipouros; Bruce Knight; Matthias Militzer; Patty Moore; Sergei A. Shipilov; Michael Sopko; Sean I. Waller
CIM Distinguished Service Metal – Mohammed Ali; John D. Cairns; Chris Twigge-Molecey

CMP Past Award Recipients