The Canadian Mineral Processors’ Division of CIM exists to provide an open and friendly forum for Mineral Processing Operators across and throughout the world to meet, network and exchange technical information. CMP accomplishes this by offering one national meeting each year plus a number of regional meetings across the country to which all those involved in the Mineral Processing industry are invited and welcome.

CMP commits to serve and promote the industry by encouraging all participants to develop and share new knowledge and good practices, cultivate and maintain core values of integrity, respect and professionalism, teach and support its students, and recognize its contributors, heritage and roots.

CMP aspires to become the world’s premier Mineral Processing Organization by fostering innovation but remaining practical and relevant, and by actively encouraging all those who contribute to the industry, including operators, suppliers, engineers, academics, consultants, executives, government, students and retirees, to participate and enjoy lifelong the fellowship of this community.