The Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) is a Technical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum and had its beginning as an operator-oriented group called the Canadian Gold Metallurgists. The formation of the Canadian Gold Metallurgists was predicated on the principle of “Cost plus tails”, i.e. obtaining the lowest possible cost per ton of ore milled with the highest recovery possible. This focus on operators and their interests is maintained as a priority today.


The CMP is organized across the country into ten Regions with a Representative from each Region sitting on the Board of Directors. The Executive includes a Past Chairman, Chairman, 1st Vice-Chairman, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer. Three meetings of the Board are held on an annual basis, two in January and one in September. The principal technical meeting of the Division is the Annual Operators Conference held during the 3rd full week of January in Ottawa . In addition, the CMP sponsors several technical sessions and symposia at all CIM Annual General Meetings and at The Metallurgical Society’s Annual Conference of Metallurgists.

Each Region will try to host one or two technical meetings each year and these generally include a mill/mine tour. The CMP has always been a strong believer and supporter of education programs, both those initiated by CIM as well as those initiated by CMP on a national and regional basis.
At the regional level surplus funds are generally awarded to selected students. Nationally the CMP invites two selected students, from each of the Universities and Technical Schools in offering courses in Mineral Processing, to their Annual Operator’s Conference all expenses fully paid. This provides the students with an excellent opportunity to meet with industry operators and become familiar with current problems and practices.
A listing of the Executive and Regional Representatives is included on this Web page. For further information, please contact:

Rory Cameron

Tel : (613) 996-5208

Wesley Griffith

Tel: (613) 996-8985

Ray MacDonald: 1934 – 2014 – It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Ray MacDonald, CMP Treasurer. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to family, colleagues and friends. Ray was the backbone of the Canadian Mineral Processors for several decades, serving both as Secretary and Treasurer. His contributions to the CMP were endless and the success of the organization is due in large part to his tireless dedication and commitment. He will be deeply missed.