The award will be made from time to time as circumstances warrant, in recognition of exceptional volunteer contribution made to the advancement of the Canadian Mineral Processors Society either at the National or Regional level.

The award shall consist of an appropriate plaque and other testimonial as decided from time to time by the Board of Directors.

No more than one award may be made in one year.

The recipient will be a CIM member who participates actively in the Canadian Mineral Processors Society activities.

The membership at large shall nominate candidates for the awards. The nomination shall be supported by at least five (5) members of the CIM/CMP Society.

The selection committee will recommend a suitable candidate or candidates to the CMP Board of Directors for the award who will make the final adjudication.

Every nomination shall be accompanied by a statement explaining clearly the reasons which, in the opinion of the nominators, make their nominee a suitable candidate for the award.

The award should be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mineral Processors. If this time and place are not suitable, the Board of Directors may specify suitable alternate arrangements for the presentation of the award.